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May 14th, 2015


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Welcome to the World of PROFESseeby seeCOSM™

PROFESsee is my title. I am the perpetual learner, in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and truth. I derived my name from professor
Istanbul is a mix pot of cultures! There is a little of everything here. It doesn’t matter whether you are white, green, yellow, brown or blue because when you get here, you will find your kin and kith. You see, Istanbul is in Turkey and Turkey traverses two continents; Europe and Asia! Therefore, if you are born there, you really don’t know what creed to subscribe to except… Turkish!
There are many hospitals here. We can divide them into different categories like diabetes, reproduction, state hospitals and so forth. True to its word, Turkey has something for everyone, even hospitals. For example, there are Italian hospitals, French hospitals, American hospitals and so forth. It is not that they plan to segregate in any way, but they just want to make you feel welcomed. For example, if you are French, wouldn’t it be much better to go for a reproduction health check in a French hospital? If you are Italian, wouldn’t you like a bedside mannered doctor who speaks Italian?
Then there are hospitals that treat chronic infections. For example, there are diabetes hospitals where you can go for your insulin shots. Optical hospitals offer specialized eye care and treatment. The health system of Turkey is very well established. If you want to see a gyno, it’s ok, you will find one and you will be treated. It is easy to find hospitals in Istanbul in the yellow pages, or even online. You will find extensive lists of hospitals.
Budget? Doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor. You will get treatment and that is what is important. However, if you think you are exclusive and would like the highest standards of treatment, then there are exclusive hospitals. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get treatment in a cheaper facility but then, it’s your money. If you want to pay more, who is to stop you? After all, you will get much better if the treatment comes topped up with a little luxury, no?
There, so many hospitals, but they won’t stop death if its time has come. However, you will agree that Istanbul is a great place to meet your maker, even in the coffee shops. But see the doctor first for that complaint.

Can you Trace the distance of Istanbul Hospitals?

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