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The Human Ear

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June 17th, 2015


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Welcome to the World of PROFESseeby seeCOSM™

PROFESsee is my title. I am the perpetual learner, in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and truth. I derived my name from professor
When you walk around, you will find it a bit amusing when you decide to look at other people’s ears. This is because there are all shapes and sizes, but don’t laugh too hard and forget to look at yours because they could resemble a smaller version of a satellite dish. Well, regardless of the nature of your ear the main aim why the creator put it there is basically to hear animals making noise, oh! and speeches from other human beings.
For what its worth, the ear is a very interesting organ, not because it can produce wax that can light a candle for days, but because it is one of those organs that picks up the sounds around you and translates the info into codes your brain can easily understand. While other senses involve some chemical reactions, the ear solely depends on mechanical movements to fulfill its sound duties.
Human hearing is however not without its own setbacks because the ear can be affected by a number of things. You lose your hearing due to exposure to loud noise over a period of time. This is the main reason why it is strongly recommended that you use ear muffs or whatever protection that will guarantee that you hear your alarm clock tomorrow morning.
Other problems that might affect human hearing are the various illnesses and infections that might leave your hearing impaired. It is therefore your duty to ensure that your hearing is okay and that you are protecting this important organ from illnesses. You can do this by lightly cleaning your ear occasionally. The wax in your ear has a purpose and cleaning all of it regularly will leave your internal ear out in the open field with illnesses armed to attack. Everything was created and put into place for a purpose, trying to change things will lead to complications that might result in the loss of hearing.

Can you Assemble the ear?

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