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June 17th, 2015


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Welcome to the World of PROFESseeby seeCOSM™

PROFESsee is my title. I am the perpetual learner, in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and truth. I derived my name from professor
It is pretty difficult to imagine the world without hearing because you can still hear voices telling you how miserable it would be. In this world, communication is key and one of the key components of successful communication is hearing. Of course, there are many other ways to communicate such as writing and sign language but they are not as effective as speaking or communication through sound.
Imagine walking in the dark without any source of light and you want to communicate using the other methods, it would be a bit difficult. Well, historically, hearing is the only reason the world is where it is.  The communication between our ancestors and the other people before them has contributed a lot into what we see today. Hearing has made talking through phones with people miles away a reality.
Basically, children are taught through speaking to them so that they can learn how to speak, read and write which allows them to do a lot more in the society. Without hearing, it could be difficult to know when someone is shouting for joy or agony, unless you look at them closely. In a nutshell, there are multiple things that we do understand simply because we can relate the sound they make.
Hearing has been very important since it is behind the smooth interaction, socialization, and the communication at work we enjoy. Good hearing can also aid in keeping us safe because there are some warnings that will need you to hear to take action. When you are walking and a car hoots behind you, you will run to where you think you will be safe and this is why hearing is crucial.
No one likes to be ignored when they are speaking and this is what it could have been without the ability to hear. For this reason and many others, we should all protect the sense that has a lot to do with the smooth lives we enjoy today.

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