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June 17th, 2015


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Welcome to the World of PROFESseeby seeCOSM™

PROFESsee is my title. I am the perpetual learner, in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and truth. I derived my name from professor
We now live in a free world where people can air their views without ending up in a pot of boiling oil. Well, prior to all we know now, people had their own imagination about creation until Charles Darwin appeared with his infamous theory that seemed to challenge all aspects and foundations of Christianity. In the early days, there were many theories and ideas about what Genesis really stood for, but people were not so vocal about what was in their mind for the fear of losing their lives while trying to explain its origin.
Christians such as St. Augustine and John Wesley tried to explain that Genesis was written as it is to allow people to understand easily. Augustine therefore suggested that the 6 creation days actually stood for a single day of creation. St Thomas Aquinas argued that Creation was done up to a certain level. He suggests that God created everything incompletely but with potential to be developed. In this scope, there have arisen many arguments that God must have used evolution to create what is.
It might have been the lack of knowledge or technology that made people understand creation in a funny manner. So funny that somewhere in history it was absurd to believe that the earth was spherical and could have caused you your life to suggest that. There was a belief that the earth was a flat table with the ocean as the edges and the sun was in constant movement around the earth.
Many Christian thinkers have tried to solve the creation puzzle and this has resulted in many doctrines all trying to explain the phenomena. Some of the thinkers argue that the creation story should not be taken literally as it is just a symbol explaining that God created everything that exists. How He did it is what is in contention because according to some Christians and believers of Charles Darwin’s theory, God used science to create everything, including science!

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