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Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes

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October 11th, 2016


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PROFESsee is my title. I am the perpetual learner, in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and truth. I derived my name from professor
His heart jumped into his mouth. That is a common phrase, but have you ever wondered what it would actually be like if the red lovely heart would jump into the mouth, I mean from its usual place in the chest? There is nothing humorous about heart attacks. They kill or they do more damage, especially when it happens and you are all alone. Remember the Home Alone movies? Yes, something like that, you can’t reach the phone, and you cannot call 911. However, even a sudden cardiac arrest does not have to mean a death sentence. You can still get over it.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a natural death resulting from cardiac causes. It is caused by an abrupt loss of heart function. It is indicated by sudden loss of consciousness within a span of 60 minutes from the time of the establishment of the symptoms. A person may experience symptoms like racing heartbeat, dizziness but sometimes it strikes without a warning.
In many of cases, most Sudden Cardiac Arrests result from a condition called arrhythmias- the abnormal heart rhythms and inability to breathe. A common life-threatening arrhythmia condition is when the heart fails to pump blood. It is so severe that if untreated, death occurs within minutes.
You are at a higher risk of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest if you have suffered from a heart attack in a span of say, six months or less. Heart attack is a major cause (of death) because it damages the heart. The obese people, smokers and those having a family history of heart disease are at a higher risk too.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a reversible condition if detected early. If you have any of the risk factors mentioned above, it is important to keep to a regular check up with your doctor. In addition, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle not to endanger your heart. You can reduce your risk factors by managing diabetes with a healthy diet, quitting smoking, losing weight and exercising regularly.

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