PROFESsee by seeCOSM is a combination of:

Cross-media Social Portal, with an Academy to allow the public participate in the development of their own episodes;
Online game;
TV Game show;
Reality show; 
3D avatar based game on 3D out-of-screen TVs and in immersive environment.

Why PROFESsee by seeCOSM? We believe:

It holds a promise in a vast latent lucrative market hungry for new ideas.
It satisfies a need for knowledge-based wholesome fun in a growing web-based consciousness.
It brings an appeal to a large diverse audience, across all age groups, as well as to a technologically proficient generation.
It fulfills a necessity to connect people globally, intellectually, spiritually, and communally.
It maintains an interest in promoting interactive geographic/spatial thinking and technology.
It carries the seed of a substantial potential for commercial viability and financial rewards in a multi trillion US$ global market within an economics of scale and choice and attracts a plethora of various sponsors and funding sources.
Last but not least, the ready availability of a wealth of data and information in various multi-media formats makes it a reality.