This is an Early Notification Alert. Mode, Rules, and Date of the competition will be announced shortly.

Participate in the competition and WIN!

Guidelines that the
PROFESsee character should fulfill:
- Combine the three cosmoses (Body, Earth, and Universe)
- Be genderless, nonracial, ageless, ...
- Can see with eyes, heart, mind and soul,
- Projects wisdom, child innocence, and authority
- Walk, fly, swim, dance, and cross borders -hard and soft-,
- Express by voice and different facial and body language expressions of disappointment, happiness, smiling, crying, commending, and reprimanding ….

Competitors should submit (1) Sketches and designs; (2) Modeling compliant with HTML5; and (3) Animation sequences to be compliant with HTML5.

A five lines design story should accompany the works.
The top three contestants will receive a monetary reward as follows:

First Prize: Five Hindred US Dollars ($500.00)
Second Prize: Two Hundred US Dollars ($ 200.00)
Third Prize: One Hundred US Dollars ($100.00)

The winners’ submitted Works shall become the property of
seeCOSM with no claims of any sort.

A jury formed of seasoned professionals and industry experts will announce the winners.