You win, you win, you win… shouted the host over three consecutive weeks. The year is 1964 and the place is the local Lebanese TV station in Beirut. Three classmates, from the Armenian Evangelical College (AEC), had just won the interschool Britannica contests thus earning their school, and each a complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica.
Decades later, Max SEEROVE intrigued by the evolving nature of knowledge and technology, the internet, the web, and the “e” of cyberspace, is triggered to revisit the “e” and promote it to “see”. How and Why??
Max SEEROVE has for some time been puzzled by this “e” in modern web terminology. While phonetically it sounds right yet it seems to lack a sense of purpose, function, and direction. Undoubtedly, it has lately gained great impetus and linked itself to all those “eThings”: businesses, governments, economy, commerce, education and almost every other sector of development and human endeavor. But the “e” remains devoid of human flair, a much-needed component, in this age of uncertainties and rapid changes driven by automation, and information technologies.
SEEROVE argues: “ One would rather “seeThings” than “eThings”, and all it takes is to spatially enable the e. In short, change the “e” to “see”, then one can “see”, the microcosm, the mesocosm and macrocosm in one glance simply by zooming in, zooming out, navigating, flying, diving, crossing boundaries in body, on earth and across multiverses.
Max SEEROVE, armed with the spirit of the young generation of the web age and inspired by their zeal for entrepreneurship and creativity, sets out to gather a community, of all ages, genders and races, from across the world, that is passionate and curious in participating in cyber quests to seek the history and the existing knowledge of the COSMOS. For that purpose, SEEROVE coins a new word, reveals a new character, and sets afoot a new game. 
 Thus, PROFESsee is created by seeCOSM the Company.
PROFESsee is a new kind of online game and TV and reality game show which, by means of web and spatial technologies and creative compositions, embarks the player on an awesome journey of edutainment and eduventure in three worlds: the body, earth and the universe. Through this journey, the infinitely large, the small and that which comes in-between, are all meshed together into sequential, thematic and topical episodes. Each episode is composed of sixteen challenges, four (4) in microcosm “Body”; eight (8) in mesocosm “Earth”; and four (4) in macrocosm “Universe”.
PROFESsee, the perpetual learner, in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and truth, is in a constant state of evolutionary readjustments to fulfill the dynamic needs, increasing knowledge and growing experience of the players, contestants, viewers, and the public at large through the integration of different technologies into the plots and themes of the episodes.
Fifty years later, through interactive audiovisuals, a cyberspace community -The PROFESsee Academy- is brought together, in which each participant can author, compose, play, innovate, develop episodes and compete to become the PROFESsee of an episode or the Grand PROFESsee of three consecutive wins of different episodes.
Welcome to PROFESsee by seeCOSM